#TSquare2016; Toolz and Tunde’s Dubai wedding, pictures you might have missed.

20160529190154.jpgExactly May 2015, Pilot Tunde Demuren got on his knee with an expensive Tiffany Soleste cushion modified diamond ring, and popped the most sought after question by ladies to popular Toolz Oniru and she of course said ‘yeess!’20160528184946.jpg


Their engagement news was made public on social media by Tunde’s best friend and popular singer, BankyW and since then steps have been taken to legalize their union in every aspect demanded by society and tradition.


They began with their introduction which took place on the 5th of September 2015.20160528185157.jpg


The affair was closely followed by their engagement party on the 27th of October 2015.20160528184800.jpg20160528184657.jpg20160528184730.jpg20160528184804.jpg20160528184751.jpg


Their pre wedding shoot took place on the 18th of January this year…see some of the pictures below;20160528184111.jpg20160528184949.jpg20160528184953.jpg20160528184941.jpg


And finally, on the 30th of January 2016, Toolz and Tunde performed the first part of their wedding rites; the traditional wedding, at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.20160528185400.jpeg20160528184538.jpg20160528184529.jpg20160528184554.jpg20160528185345.jpg


The second part of the wedding rites; the White wedding, happened just last weekend, the 28th of May, exactly a year after they began their journey. The wedding took place in Dubai.20160528183842.jpg


And guess who was Tunde’s best man..20160528183913.jpgBanky W.!

Here’s wishing them an adventurous and wonderful journey!

Photo Credits; @SCGEORGE

By @BrownieDivaB





Coco Adeleke and Caleb Adaji Glamour Wedding

20160515101535.pngOn the 12th of May 2016, in the presence of family and friends, Coco Adeleke –  megastar Davido’s elder sister- and Caleb Adaji had their traditional wedding in Lagos.

img-20160515-wa0001-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0003-1.jpgThe  wedding took place in her father’s -Dr Deji Adeleke’s compound and she was surrounded by her loved ones including her son and her younger brother; Davido.


20160515100927.jpgThe stunning bride glowed in all her outfits.

20160515101042.jpgFor y’all still sticking to the old wives tale about black not appropriate for a bride, what do you think of the above picture?


20160515101440.jpgThe beautiful event was planned by Zapphaire Events and memories captured by Blaws Studios. 20160515101023.jpg20160515101028.jpg20160515101032.jpg

Below are more pictures from the beautiful and colourful event.20160515101451.jpgimg-20160515-wa0000-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0001-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0002-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0005-1.jpg20160515101448.jpg20160515101434.jpg

We wish them a happy union!

Wedding Alert; Two hearts become one as Mary-Ann weds Charles.

img_20160505_162807.jpgOn the 30th of April 2016, in  St Gabriel Catholic Church, Mokoka, Ibadan, Charles (groom) and Mary-Ann (bride) made a commitment  before God, their families and friends, to stick together through thick and thin, through jolly and bumpy rides, till death do them part.img-20160506-wa0000.jpgimg-20160506-wa0019.jpgimg-20160506-wa0052.jpg

Reception followed immediately at Agodi Garden, Parliament Road, Ibadan.img-20160506-wa0027.jpgimg-20160506-wa0013.jpgDon’t they make a cute picture!
img_20160507_140154-1.jpgTheir  traditional marriage, which took place on the 14th of November 2015, was at Ben Igwe’s compound, Nenwe, Enugu state.img_20160507_140134-1.jpg10706891_240113679666784_338678794_n-1.jpg11379982_587980334703273_1717185435_n.jpg

We’re elated to share all their happy moments today


How They Met.img_20160505_162737.jpg
Bride’s story;img_20160505_162803.jpgI woke up early one morning in December, 2014, to a message on my WhatsApp from a strange number. And of course I replied with the usual “please who are you and who gave you my number?”
He answered only the first question “I am ordinary Charles”. This only got me angry and I immediately told him off. I had no time for such rubbish! Lol

He was however persistent and somehow I started replying his chats and even looked forward to our conversations. Of course he didn’t know this, I was still playing hard chic! Then after some weeks (few days after Christmas I think) I decided to drop by his office and see who’s been disturbing me since it was on my route. Just to be sure he wasn’t one dude with a burnt face or…. well the list is just endless. I dropped by his office, and coincidentally, I saw he was someone I had met over a year before but just joked with him and left. We talked for a few while, before I left he already said I was going to be his wife. Of course I called his bluff!

We kept on talking, then we started dating and I realized what a truly wonderful guy he is, I know everyone says this about their partner but believe me, Charles is really a wonderful guy and if I have any regrets, it’s that I didn’t  date him earlier!

6 months later, he proposed and true to his words the first day we met, today, I am his wife.


12976205_1694610640763796_1139619228_n-1.jpgThe beautiful moments were captured by Victor Onuka Photography. Enjoy!img-20160501-wa0000.jpgimg-20160501-wa0013.jpgimg-20160501-wa0012.jpgimg-20160501-wa0022.jpgimg_20160505_162818.jpgimg_20160505_162756.jpgimg_20160505_162752.jpgimg_20160505_162827.jpgimg-20160506-wa0016.jpgimg-20160506-wa0025.jpg

I know right! These pictures look so wonderful the wedding could easily had taken place in Paris!

Happy married life to the couple.