WCW: Meet @GoddessLo_ Miss Nigeria Usa 2016 and read her inspiring story

20160601080637.jpgTears of surprise, fulfillment and accomplishment stream down beauty queen, Miss Lola Adeoye, as she was pronounced Miss Nigeria USA 2016


screenshot_2016-06-01-08-04-15-1.pngMiss Lola Adeoye, currently a 3rd year JD/MBA student at the Howard University School of Law, first contested for the Miss Nigeria USA pageant in 2010. Since then, She has contested in and lost 8 pageants, and each loss was like more steps away from achieving her goal.


20160601080655.jpgFinally, on the 28th of May 2016, she beat out the 18 contestants to emerge winner of Miss Nigeria USA 2016.

screenshot_2016-06-01-08-04-35-1.pngFollowing her struggle story, the journey hasn’t been an easy one. Trying to achieve a particular goal and failing in the attempt on so many occasion is enough to question one’s self esteem and the determination to relentlessly continue at the same goal despite discouraging results is quite a feat and a virtue many of us lack.

screenshot_2016-06-01-08-33-49-1.pngIn Queen Lola’s case, her strong resolution finally got her goal and this is why she is our WCW for today!


Meet the new Miss Nigeria USA 2016!

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As Miss Nigeria USA 2016, Lola’s year of service will focus on her platform- Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention; an issue dear to her heart.


By @BrownieDivaB


#WCW – @SibongileSambo; The Rejected Flight Attendant now Founder of SRS Aviation.

20160518100101.jpgMeet Sibongile Sambo, the founder of SRS Aviation, Africa’s first female aviation company. Sambo who has always wanted to be a flight attendant, started her own Aviation company after she was told by South African airways that she did not meet the minimum height requirement to become one.

She had to sell her car and use her mother’s pension money to set it up and in 2004, she was commissioned with her first flight for the South African government.

20160518100252.jpgSambo has helped three women get their private pilot licenses.

According to her;

“I’m where I am today because somebody invested in me. It’s my opportunity now to invest in other people.”

20160518100239.pngShe is our #WCW because despite discouragements and limitations, she refused to give up her dreams. She is relentless, determined, and now successful.

Who is your #WCW? Our comment box is open.

By @BrownieDivaB

@Bilikiss Adebiyi Abiola: Turning Trashes into Gold

In this trying times of weird un-African diseases and dangerouse climate change caused by our neglect of our eco-system, one person has found a way to rope these challenges into an opportunity to bring positive change in our enviroment.

Meet our WCW this weekscreenshot_2016-05-04-10-25-52-1.pngBilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, the founder and CEO of Wecyclers, a social enterprise that tackles the city’s waste problems using incentives to get the cooperation of low-income households.

screenshot_2016-05-04-10-23-51-1.pngHouseholds wastes are picked up for free by Wecyclers using specially adapted bicycles and as an incentives among low-income households to participate, rewards are given for every kilogram recycled, which can be redeemed for electronics, foodstuffs, basic household items, training classes and even money. In turn, the waste is then sold to recycling plants who shred it to make products such as mattress and pillow stuffing.
The rewards have been funded in partnership with big brands such as Coca Cola and GlaxoSmithKline.

screenshot_2016-05-04-10-28-05-1.pngSince launching two years ago, Wecyclers has employed over 80 Lagosians, from cargo-bike collectors to waste sorters, who have cleared over 525 tons of waste from the streets and connected over 6,500 households to the service.

screenshot_2016-05-04-10-29-04-1.pngShe is our WCW because she is smart, innovative and in her own way, taken some people out of the streets by creating employment.

screenshot_2016-05-04-10-27-42-1.pngHer dream is to recruit over 500,000 employees around the country! Cheers to taking another crack at that cliche that Africans don’t recycle..

Our WCW rocks!

WCW; @HenshawKate, The Lady with the Killer Smile.

Meet our WCW – Kate Henshaw, The lady with the killer smile! No seriously have you seen Kate’s smile?screenshot_2016-04-27-11-37-17-1.png Her smile puts Nigerian power supply to shame! I personally call her  ‘The lady with the Monalisa smile’


screenshot_2016-04-27-11-38-53-1.pngPresently the face of Onga seasoning powder and brand ambassador of Globacom, Kate Henshaw is one of the most popular and the most talented actresses in the Nigerian movie industry.

This talented ebony-skinned beauty with a 10,000 watts smile that can crush animosity or defenses is our WCW because she is beautiful, talented, unpretentiously humble despite her social status and oooh, have you seen her body? screenshot_2016-04-27-11-36-29-1.pngI’m a sucker for fitness and Kate Henshaw’s body is a body worth dedicating an entire write-up to. I’m always clicking on her twitter workout hashtag #katesworkout to check out recent workout programs.

Don’t you wish your WCW is hot like ours!!

WCW: Shannon May, Co-Founder of Bridge International Academies

screenshot_2016-04-20-10-29-34-1.pngMeet Shannon May, Co-Founder of Bridge International Academies, the largest chain of private schools in Africa working tirelessly to bring world-class education to the poorest of the poor, democratizing the right to succeed.

Her goal is to ensure that every child, regardless of parental income, has access to the education he or she deserves. Bridge International, which charges $6 a month on average, launched its first school in Nairobi in 2009. It has now expanded across Africa, educating over 100,000 pupils, and plans to reach 10 million children acrossa dozen countries by 2025.

She is our WCW because she is raising thousands of powerful youths. She is intelligent, focused, beautiful and kind!

WCW; Hafsat Mohammed.

screenshot_2016-04-13-12-02-24-1.pngThis weeks WCW is Hafsat Mohammed, 33, a Nigerian journalist who after escaping a massacre in 2014, became an activist trying to counter violent extremism of boko haram by engaging young people at the grassroots level and getting them to imagine a different future and their individual ambitions for it.

screenshot_2016-04-13-12-03-15-1.pngShe is our WCW because she is brave, fearless and relentless. Despite repeated death threats, Hafsat has continued in her attempt to make a change, preaching anti-violence in areas where female voices are often suppressed. She founded the organisation Choice for Peace, Gender and Development, which supports young people and women who have lost family in attacks and abductions.

There is hope for Nigeria with more fearless people like our WCW Hafsat Mohammed.


WCW: Genevieve Nnaji

It’s Wednesday! Time to legally and openly crush on any sexy, influential, and powerful woman of your choice with no judgements.

Our WCW for this week is Genevieve Nnaji. screenshot_2016-04-06-06-47-26-1.pngWith over 1.4million fans in the social media, this world class performer needs no further introduction. She is a famous Nollywood actress/singer, a Model, Amstel Malta brand ambassador, and the owner of the ‘St Genevieve’ fashion line which donates it’s proceeds to charity.

screenshot_2016-04-06-06-48-37-1.pngWhat is there not to crush about this gorgeous lady? She is focused and relentless in her track to success, gorgeous with an ageless face and body, a true patriot who would never defame her country. She is the perfect blend of beauty, intelligence and elegance!