WCW: Meet @GoddessLo_ Miss Nigeria Usa 2016 and read her inspiring story

20160601080637.jpgTears of surprise, fulfillment and accomplishment stream down beauty queen, Miss Lola Adeoye, as she was pronounced Miss Nigeria USA 2016


screenshot_2016-06-01-08-04-15-1.pngMiss Lola Adeoye, currently a 3rd year JD/MBA student at the Howard University School of Law, first contested for the Miss Nigeria USA pageant in 2010. Since then, She has contested in and lost 8 pageants, and each loss was like more steps away from achieving her goal.


20160601080655.jpgFinally, on the 28th of May 2016, she beat out the 18 contestants to emerge winner of Miss Nigeria USA 2016.

screenshot_2016-06-01-08-04-35-1.pngFollowing her struggle story, the journey hasn’t been an easy one. Trying to achieve a particular goal and failing in the attempt on so many occasion is enough to question one’s self esteem and the determination to relentlessly continue at the same goal despite discouraging results is quite a feat and a virtue many of us lack.

screenshot_2016-06-01-08-33-49-1.pngIn Queen Lola’s case, her strong resolution finally got her goal and this is why she is our WCW for today!


Meet the new Miss Nigeria USA 2016!

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As Miss Nigeria USA 2016, Lola’s year of service will focus on her platform- Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention; an issue dear to her heart.


By @BrownieDivaB


#TSquare2016; Toolz and Tunde’s Dubai wedding, pictures you might have missed.

20160529190154.jpgExactly May 2015, Pilot Tunde Demuren got on his knee with an expensive Tiffany Soleste cushion modified diamond ring, and popped the most sought after question by ladies to popular Toolz Oniru and she of course said ‘yeess!’20160528184946.jpg


Their engagement news was made public on social media by Tunde’s best friend and popular singer, BankyW and since then steps have been taken to legalize their union in every aspect demanded by society and tradition.


They began with their introduction which took place on the 5th of September 2015.20160528185157.jpg


The affair was closely followed by their engagement party on the 27th of October 2015.20160528184800.jpg20160528184657.jpg20160528184730.jpg20160528184804.jpg20160528184751.jpg


Their pre wedding shoot took place on the 18th of January this year…see some of the pictures below;20160528184111.jpg20160528184949.jpg20160528184953.jpg20160528184941.jpg


And finally, on the 30th of January 2016, Toolz and Tunde performed the first part of their wedding rites; the traditional wedding, at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.20160528185400.jpeg20160528184538.jpg20160528184529.jpg20160528184554.jpg20160528185345.jpg


The second part of the wedding rites; the White wedding, happened just last weekend, the 28th of May, exactly a year after they began their journey. The wedding took place in Dubai.20160528183842.jpg


And guess who was Tunde’s best man..20160528183913.jpgBanky W.!

Here’s wishing them an adventurous and wonderful journey!

Photo Credits; @SCGEORGE

By @BrownieDivaB




After a 44-year relationship, couple in their 80s finally walk down the aisle

ad206349512wedding-day-of-s.jpgAfter a 44 year relationship between Colin Dunn and Sally Smith, the duo decided it was time to take the commitment further

Colin first met in Sally – a mother of four – in 1972 behind the bar of a social club he visited every weekend after work. After a while, he asked her out and she said ‘yes’


ad206349522wedding-day-of-s.jpgColin, recalled:

‘Sally used to serve me every weekend when I’d go in after work. We got chatting and she got used to me going in. Eventually, I asked her out.’

ad206349440wedding-day-of-s.jpgThe couple only got engaged last year after all their children have left home and they finally had time for themselves.


ad206349509wedding-day-of-s.jpgAnd so before friends and family, 84 years old Colin and 82 years old Sally got married at St Mary’s Church in Middleton, before heading over to the social club where they first met to enjoy a meal after the ceremony.


ad206349440wedding-day-of-s.jpgWith the right partner, love is just a beautiful thing.

Thursday Throwback Pictures of Popular Celebs

Its Throwback Thursday and we’ve created a photo gallery of some of your favorite celebs. Some are funny and some are just downright hilarious!

Jessica Alba1464265184367.jpg


Michael B. Jordan1464265549008.jpg


Reese Witherspoon1464265731655.jpg


Lena Dunham1464265578102.jpg


Hilary Duff1464265990738.jpg


Kanye West1464265469252.jpg


Chelsea Handler1464266024194.jpg


Alicia Keys1464265601708.jpg


Dwayne Johnson( The Rock)1464265515014.jpg


By @BrownieDivaB



Help! My Ex sends me Game of Thrones spoilers every week as a revenge for cheating on her

343b5cb100000578-0-image-a-61_1464056184835.jpgThere are 99 simple ways to inflict pain on a cheating ex and Game Of Thrones is one of them!

This was sent to Reddit by a young man who after cheating on her ex, was being punished by getting Game of Thrones spoilers every Monday.

The ex after blocking him in all her social media platforms, opened a fake account on facebook and sent him a friend request

“The Monday after season six premiered she unblocked me and I saw I had messaged from her,” the pained young guy narrated, “I thought maybe she forgave me and we could move on, but it was literally just every spoiler from the first episode.”

And till now, he’s got nothing to look forward to every week from GOT because of his ex.

‘How can I get her to stop?‘: He asked Reddit for advice as despite his numerous attempts to block his ex, she always finds new creative ways to get her message across.

“I know I didn’t treat her very well but I just want to watch my favourite show again” The poor guy lamented.

Reddit readers called him a ‘cheating a**hole’ and sent him spoilers themselves as punishment.

Lol, this is just a brilliant revenge plot!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary in Rome

Today 24th may 2016, marks the 2-year wedding anniversary of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. To celebrate the event, the couple went back to Rome, where they tied the knot at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, back in May 2014. Kim Kardashian posted this tweet an hour ago screenshot_2016-05-24-09-07-16-1.png


Also earlier today, the happy celebrant took to her instagram page to share some pictures from her wedding 2 years ago that she never showed to the public.20160524090924.jpg20160524090910.jpg20160524090931.jpg20160524090945.jpg20160524091050.jpg

Prom look of the week

By: Mariam Dola

This year’s prom season is really looking like a red carpet runway. From the foreign cars, to the lavish houses; the fashion seems to stand out most of all.

Here is another prom look from a high schooler that was definitely unexpected. It’s not just a look that incorporates Ankara fabric flawlessly, but it also has an avant-garde twist to it with a pairing of something that looks similar to a cage crinoline, that used to be worn under the women’s dresses. The pattern, dress, and concept are truly beautiful. Take a look at this prom look that is sure to leave an impression.wp-1463979877864.jpgwp-1463979835957.jpgwp-1463979886073.jpgwp-1463979863223.jpg

By: M.Akeeb

Harvest of Awards at the BBMA 2016

The Billboard Music Award which has been held anually since 1989, is an honor given by Billboard, a publication and music popularity chart covering the music business.  At this year’s event, as usual, many celebs were awarded for their efforts.

Here is the list of some of the winners at the BBMA 2016.

20160523134405.jpgAdele went home with 4 awards. She won these categories;
Top Artist, Top billboard 200 artist, Top Billboard 200 Album “25”, and Top selling song “Hello”

20160523072901.jpgThe Weeknd definitely had a good weekend as he was the artist with the most award win for Sunday night.

He won the awards for these categories; Top 100 Artist, Top Song Sale Artist, Top Streaming Song Artist, Top R&B Artist, Top R&B album “Beauty Behind The Madness, Tob R&B song “The Hills”, and Top streaming song (audio) “The Hills”

20160523073143.jpgFetty Wap won the Top new Artist category

20160523072259.jpgJustin Bieber won Top Male Artist category

20160523072447.jpgDrake was the Top Rap Artist

20160523063714.jpgMeek Mills, “Dream Worth More Than Money” won the Top Rap Album category

20160523072136.jpgWiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth, “See You Again” got the award for
Top rap song and Top hot 100 song
20160523071804.jpgWalk the Moon “Shut up and Dance” won Top radio song

20160523071636.jpgSilentó went home with the award for Top streaming song (video) “Watch me”

20160523071352.jpgMajor Lazer & DJ Snake Featuring MØ, “Lean On”
Top Dance Electronic Song