5 Hot Eligible Bachelors in the Nigerian Music Industry

Today’s article contains a list of eligible bachelors in the Nigerian music industry. Most of them are already a ‘baby daddy’ but who cares? They are still single and thats why I like to call them the ‘doables’

They are hot, popular, witty, and totally rich.

This list is not arranged in order of importance or demand.

1. Don Jazzy20160519045106.jpgDon Jazzy is the don and owner of the popular Mavin empire. Ladies love Don Jazzy because of his humility, cool demeanour and of course his witty sarcasm. You should see some of his tweets and how he interacts with his fans on twitter. He is friendly without losing respect and would give it back to a bully without a dent on his name! He is very much single, …well for now, except of course Rihanna decides to finally give him a chance.

2. Falz the bad guy 20160519045229.jpgEvery time I say his name it usually comes out with a sigh. Falz…*sighs* hmmm, ok I’ll stop now! Handsome, Funny, with a sexy pair of eyes and a baby grin that can melt any heart, Falz is my favorite bachelor of all time. I’m actually waiting with a green eyed anticipation for the karashika who finally snags him.

3. D Banj20160519045325.pngWith so many romantic alliance with several pretty women, I keep waiting to hear ‘D banj is finally settling down’! Infact, when he sang ‘Fall in Love’, I was quite sure ‘this is it!’ for him- yea I thought it was Genevieve too- but apparently, the 36 year old koko master is not ready to be tied down. I can’t wait to see the lady strong enough to take him down the aisle.

4. Phyno20160519045251.jpgMr Phyno who has made the igbo language very relevant in the music industry is very hot on the eligible bachelor list. He keeps a real low profile when it comes to his personal relationships but we know for sure he hasn’t got any wife tucked away some where, wait – do we know for sure?  Well, he is openly single and that makes him eligible.

5. Banky W20160519045350.jpgBanky W, Mr ‘No need to bother you’ needs to be bothered right now ladies!
Full name Bankola Wellington, the E.M.E Record Boss is as single as they come. Handsome, cool, with a smile that can make you forget your name, the gifted singer is not only hot but also single and searching..so where is the lady strong enough to do him ‘strong thing’?

There are still more where those names came from, Single ladies…don’t dull!


Article by @BrownieDivaB


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