Coco Adeleke and Caleb Adaji Glamour Wedding

20160515101535.pngOn the 12th of May 2016, in the presence of family and friends, Coco Adeleke –  megastar Davido’s elder sister- and Caleb Adaji had their traditional wedding in Lagos.

img-20160515-wa0001-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0003-1.jpgThe  wedding took place in her father’s -Dr Deji Adeleke’s compound and she was surrounded by her loved ones including her son and her younger brother; Davido.


20160515100927.jpgThe stunning bride glowed in all her outfits.

20160515101042.jpgFor y’all still sticking to the old wives tale about black not appropriate for a bride, what do you think of the above picture?


20160515101440.jpgThe beautiful event was planned by Zapphaire Events and memories captured by Blaws Studios. 20160515101023.jpg20160515101028.jpg20160515101032.jpg

Below are more pictures from the beautiful and colourful event.20160515101451.jpgimg-20160515-wa0000-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0001-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0002-1.jpgimg-20160515-wa0005-1.jpg20160515101448.jpg20160515101434.jpg

We wish them a happy union!


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