Top 5 Hollywood Actresses

Hi guys! Last week we compiled a list of top Nollywood Actresses and promised to do a Hollywood list today.

Well here you go, enjoy!
5. Charlize Theron20160512073938.jpgCharlize Theron comes fifth on our list with an estimated earnings of $15 million. Theron likes to appear in smaller films with bigger budget, like 2011’s Young Adult and Snow White and the Huntsman. She also starred in Prometheus, a kind-of prequel to Aliens. Theron supplements her movie money with high-paid endorsements for brands like Dior.

4. Jennifer Aniston20160512074208.jpgIn fourth place on our list is Jennifer Aniston with an estimated earning of $20 million. Making a succesful transition from TV show – Friends to movies, Jennifer Aniston’s most recent hit was “Horrible Bosses” which grossed $11.5 million globally.

3. Melissa McCarthy20160512074327.jpgRanking third with $23
million, Melissa McCarthy is the only other actress to bank over $20 million in a scoring period. The Mike and Molly TVstar has proven her ability to also carry movies solo– Spy and Tammy grossed a combined $335 million worldwide–and now she’s turning to fashion, launching an all-sizes clothing line.

2. Jennifer Lawrence20160512074259.jpgYoungest and Second on our list with $26 million is Hunger games star, Jennifer Lawrence. The 22 year-old Oscar winning actress is Tinseltown’s golden girl at the moment. She’ll also co-star in the next X-Men film, Days of Future Past, in which she plays a young Mystique.

1. Angelina Jolie20160512074055.jpegWith an estimated $33 million in earnings, Angelina Jolie comes 1st in our list. The prominent Hollywood actress is still one of the few actresses who can demand a paycheck worth of $15 million for the right movie; Maleficent for example. The film, Maleficient, marked Jolie’s return to blockbusters and big money.


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