George Zimmerman to auction off Trayvon Martin’s murder weapon for $5k

20160512131826.jpgGeorge Michael Zimmerman, an American neighbourhood watchman popular for the shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida and acquitted on July 13, 2013, of second-degree murder, has raised an outrage with his auctioning of the murder weapon.

img_20160512_132120.jpgThe gun used to shoot the unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin is to be auctioned for $5k.

When asked by Florida television channel WOFL what he would say to people opposed to the sale, Mr Zimmerman said:”They’re not going to be bidding on it, so I couldn’t care less about them.”

The social media is outraged by this bold move and already trending is the hashtag #georgezimmerman

Below are some tweetsscreenshot_2016-05-12-13-20-22-1.pngscreenshot_2016-05-12-13-21-47-1.pngscreenshot_2016-05-12-13-20-32-1.pngscreenshot_2016-05-12-13-21-52-1.pngscreenshot_2016-05-12-13-21-57-1.png


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