Celebrities at Coachella

By: M. Dola 

Coachella is a musical festival held in California that half a million people attend every year. This event has managed to make its mark when it comes to attracting fashion lovers.

When we think of Coachella we think of a star studded festival full of bohemian vibes, amazing people, good music, amazing artists, and celebrity styles. Week 2 of Coachella has finally come to an end and we are counting down the most memorable celebrity looks of Coachella 2016. From the fringe vests, cowboy boots, and statement sunglasses, to the flower crowns, Bermuda shorts, and retro sunglasses.

Here are must see celebrity looks from the Coachella 2016wp-1463035788622.jpgwp-1463035782570.jpgwp-1463035763400.jpgwp-1463035756672.jpgwp-1463035750411.jpgwp-1463035742285.jpgwp-1463035736177.jpgwp-1463035695385.jpgwp-1463035683679.jpgwp-1463035668164.jpg


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