Wedding Alert; Two hearts become one as Mary-Ann weds Charles.

img_20160505_162807.jpgOn the 30th of April 2016, in  St Gabriel Catholic Church, Mokoka, Ibadan, Charles (groom) and Mary-Ann (bride) made a commitment  before God, their families and friends, to stick together through thick and thin, through jolly and bumpy rides, till death do them part.img-20160506-wa0000.jpgimg-20160506-wa0019.jpgimg-20160506-wa0052.jpg

Reception followed immediately at Agodi Garden, Parliament Road, Ibadan.img-20160506-wa0027.jpgimg-20160506-wa0013.jpgDon’t they make a cute picture!
img_20160507_140154-1.jpgTheir  traditional marriage, which took place on the 14th of November 2015, was at Ben Igwe’s compound, Nenwe, Enugu state.img_20160507_140134-1.jpg10706891_240113679666784_338678794_n-1.jpg11379982_587980334703273_1717185435_n.jpg

We’re elated to share all their happy moments today


How They Met.img_20160505_162737.jpg
Bride’s story;img_20160505_162803.jpgI woke up early one morning in December, 2014, to a message on my WhatsApp from a strange number. And of course I replied with the usual “please who are you and who gave you my number?”
He answered only the first question “I am ordinary Charles”. This only got me angry and I immediately told him off. I had no time for such rubbish! Lol

He was however persistent and somehow I started replying his chats and even looked forward to our conversations. Of course he didn’t know this, I was still playing hard chic! Then after some weeks (few days after Christmas I think) I decided to drop by his office and see who’s been disturbing me since it was on my route. Just to be sure he wasn’t one dude with a burnt face or…. well the list is just endless. I dropped by his office, and coincidentally, I saw he was someone I had met over a year before but just joked with him and left. We talked for a few while, before I left he already said I was going to be his wife. Of course I called his bluff!

We kept on talking, then we started dating and I realized what a truly wonderful guy he is, I know everyone says this about their partner but believe me, Charles is really a wonderful guy and if I have any regrets, it’s that I didn’t  date him earlier!

6 months later, he proposed and true to his words the first day we met, today, I am his wife.


12976205_1694610640763796_1139619228_n-1.jpgThe beautiful moments were captured by Victor Onuka Photography. Enjoy!img-20160501-wa0000.jpgimg-20160501-wa0013.jpgimg-20160501-wa0012.jpgimg-20160501-wa0022.jpgimg_20160505_162818.jpgimg_20160505_162756.jpgimg_20160505_162752.jpgimg_20160505_162827.jpgimg-20160506-wa0016.jpgimg-20160506-wa0025.jpg

I know right! These pictures look so wonderful the wedding could easily had taken place in Paris!

Happy married life to the couple.


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