Something with a ‘K’? Hilarious memes follow Chyna’s baby news.

20160507045611.jpgFew minutes after Blac Chyna announced her baby news on Instagram on Friday, some hilarious memes and tweets were posted on the internet.

20160507045715.jpgAll bothered on the clever plotting of what was considered the most spectacular vengeance in history by the 27 year old Chyna!

20160507045633.jpg20160507045802.jpg20160507045807.jpgThe general consensus is that Chyna’s  engagement and pregnancy is an act of revenge against Kylie Jenner, for hooking up with her baby daddy.
20160507045757.jpgKris after saying this, then goes behind the cameras and ….20160507045753.jpg

These memes are just so juicyy!

“Only Chyna’s baby will be a true Kardashian!” Some predicted. 20160507045737.jpg



Another general topic was the name of the expected baby, ‘Karma Kardashian’ was a popular prediction20160507045638.jpg

As for unraveling the Kardashians tangled family tree, those were the suggested.



Lol! Keeping up with the Kardashians might not be as easy as it seems!


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