Nollywood Classics you’d pay to watch again

When we think Nollywood movies we think of great actors like Kenneth Okonkwo, Saint Obi, Eucharia Anunobi, Hilda Dokubo, to mention a few. These were the pioneers of Nollywood movies!

Nollywood movies have always been succesful even from the early beginning because they tell African and realistic stories, ones that every African could relate to and even with it’s evolution over the years, the goal still remains the same: To tell African stories.

According to research, 200 movies are produced every month, that is 6 movies daily! But in the midst of all these movie releases, there are a few Nigerian movies that have left foot prints in the sands of time and like I love to say, in my opinion, these are the 5 classic movies that really made an impression.

1. LIVING IN BONDAGEscreenshot_2016-04-28-03-40-29-1.pngOne of the oldest and very popular movie to be produced by Nollywood, this movie gained so much attention it could be said it was the pioneer of Nollywood movies. In the movie, Andy Okeke (Kenneth Okonkwo) killed his wife and used her for rituals to become wealthy and most certainly, this came with repercussions leading to his becoming mad. I really don’t know why but the scene that made a lasting impression on me was the house party scene where champagne was poured on a lady’s head. I remember thinking to myself “Her fine hair is ruined!” I enjoyed this movie so much.

2.KARASHIKAimg_20160426_073238.jpgDirected by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, starring Sandra Achums, Becky Okorie, Obi Madurugwu etc. The movie shows how Satan recruits new followers for his kingdom of darkness by sending out Karishika, to the world of the living. There she misguides and seduces a number of people, who all fall prey to her because of their own shortcomings. All but the last fall for the temptation of either the fulfilment of their desperate wishes, or money, or sex.
I remember chanting ‘Karashika Karashika queen of demons, Lucifer Lucifer prince of darkness’ with so much gusto my mum would look at me and go “if I hear that demonic chant from your mouth again ehn!!!” Lol! The movie really made an impression!

3. CHRIST IN ME screenshot_2016-04-28-04-56-07-1-1.pngStarring Tony Umez, Pascaline Edwards, Ngozi Ezeonu, and few more, this movie is about a newly married woman whose married relationship was in danger because her own best friend starts showing interest in her husband. The story theme circled around Fate. This story made so much impression that till date I still remember the track song word for word.

4. HOUR OF GRACEscreenshot_2016-04-28-04-55-05-1-1.pngCast : Hilda Dokubo, Liz Benson, Justice Esiri. The story is about Amadi (played by Justus Esiri) and Azuka (played by Hilda Dokubo),a couple who have been married for over 10 years but are yet to have a child of their own. Azuka turns into pleading her best friend Helen (played by Liz Benson) to be a second wife for her husband so that her husband would finally get the chance to become a father. But little did Azuka know she was making the biggest mistake of her life by trusting her best friend and introducing her into her marital home.

I remember watching this movie and hating Liz Benson so much that for days I didn’t watch any movie she was in! Lol…yea for ‘days’, I mean I would have held out more but she was almost in every movie and how long can a girl say ‘no’ to nollywood film then huh?


5. WORLD APARTscreenshot_2016-04-28-04-54-41-1.png Ok, this was and is, still my best Nollywood classics! This was the movie that made me fall in love with Ini-Edo. Infact, it was the movie that made me even notice her. Her innocence, naivety, and uncontrollable curiosity which finally landed her in the arms of a prince, makes this movie my best.
Starring Ini Edo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Liz Benson, and Hilda Dokubo to name a few, this movie is about a humble but wealthy and well respected King called Promise (played by Kenneth Okonkwo) who falls in love with Uli, a poor girl from the village, (played by Ini Edo) who is the complete opposite and how despite all the obstacles they ended up together.

These are my top classics when it comes to Nollywood movies and I will definitely pay to watch them again. You can add yours to the comment box!


One thought on “Nollywood Classics you’d pay to watch again”

  1. Hello,I must say I love your choice of the classic movies.I have a question there is this movie I don’t remember the title BuT it features patience ozokwor where she seduces his son tony umez in the movie.kindly tell if you know it.I’ll really appreciate thank you

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