WCW; @HenshawKate, The Lady with the Killer Smile.

Meet our WCW – Kate Henshaw, The lady with the killer smile! No seriously have you seen Kate’s smile?screenshot_2016-04-27-11-37-17-1.png Her smile puts Nigerian power supply to shame! I personally call her  ‘The lady with the Monalisa smile’


screenshot_2016-04-27-11-38-53-1.pngPresently the face of Onga seasoning powder and brand ambassador of Globacom, Kate Henshaw is one of the most popular and the most talented actresses in the Nigerian movie industry.

This talented ebony-skinned beauty with a 10,000 watts smile that can crush animosity or defenses is our WCW because she is beautiful, talented, unpretentiously humble despite her social status and oooh, have you seen her body? screenshot_2016-04-27-11-36-29-1.pngI’m a sucker for fitness and Kate Henshaw’s body is a body worth dedicating an entire write-up to. I’m always clicking on her twitter workout hashtag #katesworkout to check out recent workout programs.

Don’t you wish your WCW is hot like ours!!


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