Nostalgia; Top Movies Installments of all Time.

By @BrownieDivaB

In the world of movies, some stories are sometimes too large or grand to fit into the length of an average movie. Hence we get sequels or part 2s. When it ends at part 3 then we have prequels or trilogies that sometimes end up as countinious installment in a franchise.

Today I’ll be sharing my favourite franchise of all times while leaving out the science fictions since I’ll be discussing them in another post.

screenshot_2016-04-20-10-11-33-1.pngThe Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest adventure ever told. It starts by showing the fate and courage of a young character and his journey to an unknown fate before metamorphosing into the grandest of battles between the armies of good and evil. It’s array of brave heroes, multiple creature & places, and insurmountable villains & obstacles, brings it to my top trilogy ever. I can’t get enough of that preeeeciuuuuuuuse.

2. THE GODFATHERscreenshot_2016-04-21-10-31-21-1.pngPerhaps being the best story on organised crime/mafia gets this film on the top of my list. Al Pacino gives one his most legendary performance till date. Money, power, and respect, motivated the story, while love, fear and hate lit the fuse. This beautifully crafted story of the Corleone family and how Michael Corleone journeyed from a proud war vet to becoming the head of the biggest and most feared crime families makes this franchise an offer you can’t refuse.

3. DIE HARDscreenshot_2016-04-20-10-13-19-1.pngBruce Willis plays John McClain a seemingly mostly bashed up but indistructable LAPD cop in this series of witty actions. The fun thing about Die Hard for me is the remarkable blend and balance between comedy and action. The character of John McClain is one of my most favourite and I personally refer to Die Hard as the action evolution of Bruce Willis.
Now up to five installments with the addition of Die Hard with a Vengeance. This is another movie I can’t get enough of…yipikaye mother f**kers’…lol

4. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEANscreenshot_2016-04-20-10-14-15-1.pngI haven’t seen a lot of pirate films but this one surely sets a standard for the ultimate sea adventure. Jack sparrow, probably the most interesting character ever imagine, propels his audience through a world of pillaging and plundering that leaves you spell bound through every installment. The missions, the villains, the characters, the plot, and the ships! Nothing seems to go wrong for me on this exciting rib cracking adventure laden voyage of Jack and his precious pearl.

5. TOY STORYscreenshot_2016-04-20-10-12-59-1.pngAs far as animations with multiple installments go…some awesome ones have come and gone but perhaps none as memorable as the spectacular Toy Story. A Weird and awesome bunch of toys which include Woody and Buzz Lighter, come together to create this great story around friendship, loyalty, and belief in ones self that doesn’t stop to evoke a rollacoster of fun and laughter every step of the way. It all starts when a kid comes in contact with his new space man, intergalactic super hero toy who actually thinks he is a real space cop and from there the story takes us to infinity and beyond.

screenshot_2016-04-20-10-11-42-1.pngAnother action franchise I absolutely can’t resist is Bourne Identity. The ultimate bad ass Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon, struggles to regain his memory and unravel the mystery of his set up and conspiracies within the clandestine world of intelligence organisations he was involved in. The Bourne tale is and will always be one of my favorite action tales.

7. LETHAL WEAPONscreenshot_2016-04-21-11-03-32-1.pngMel Gibson and Danny Glover play a couple of police partners in a world of crime. This movie, like Die Hard, is another beautiful blend between action and comedy that keeps you hanging at the edge of your seat and laughing your lungs out at the same time. The age difference between both characters never stopped to be both a point of reference and an anchor for the humor of the friendship tale between the two

8. MISSION IMPOSSIBLEscreenshot_2016-04-20-10-10-48-1.pngThis is yet another clandestine tale of secret organisation conspiracies and intelligence outfits impossible to get enough of. Tom cruise (Ethan hunt) and his band of merry men engage in their gun slinging, gadget weirding, mask wearing, and voice altering roller coaster of action. Always make me feel nostalgic. A more British and more comical version of the Bourne franchise. Mission Impossible brings together a cool array of characters that always end up making an impossible mission possible.

9. SHREKscreenshot_2016-04-20-10-14-06-1.png

In my opinion, a weird version of the princess and the frog tale, Shrek tells a story of a selfish Ogre who set out on a journey to retrieve his Swamp only to get swallowed by love’s embrace . The introduction of Puss in booths played by Antonio Banderas added an explosive touch to the already beautifully created characters.

Every installment of Shrek always maintained the original foundation of a great adventure plot, witty dialogues, (Mark Myers and Eddie Murphy touch) beautiful sword, dragon play, etc, and this is why the movie Shrek would always remain one of my favourite.

And there you have it! My most favourite movie franchises of all time!



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