@DONJAZZY and @Rihanna on a Date!

By @BrownieDivaB

screenshot_2016-04-21-03-52-54-1.pngSo we all know how one of our most eligible bachelor- Bros Don Jazzy, has been unrelentlessly declaring his love for Rihanna on social media (never mind breaking the heart of thousands of females on twitter who already created their society wedding to Don Jazzy in their mental goal book).

screenshot_2016-04-21-03-53-20-1.pngWe all remember this traditional wedding picture of Don Jazzy and Rihanna, made by one of the mavin fans which earned him some fast cash (still pains me I didn’t think of that first, got so many artist that would have made such for me for free and I will still collect compensations from Bros Don J) but….no need crying over spilled fuel! Anyway, we all remember the ‘Rihanna fawning phase right? Sure we all do, if you don’t, Please Leave That Site taking all your attention, It will give your phone a bad virus!

Like I was saying, it got me thinking of these 5 questions which I’m going to share with you now,  answer as freely and as generously as your imagination allows, you may be helping a ‘young’ man fulfil his dreams!

1. What if Rihanna is also crushing on Don Jazzy but has been playing the ‘I’m a lady’ card and waiting for Bros J to come ask her out?

2. How many retweets do you think Rihanna would demand(as a diva) to go on a date with Don Jazzy? We should personally ask Rihanna this tho

3. If Rihanna and Don Jazzy have an ‘X’ night stand(s) after their date…what will be the title of;
a. Rihanna’s new song ?
b. Don Jazzy’s new song ?
c. Chris Brown’s new song ?

4. If Nollywood decides to make a movie about Don Jazzy and Rihanna’s relationship, what would be the name of the movie? (Being at their highest creative mode)

5. Ooooh and the one that bothers me the most, how many Naija ladies would block Don Jazzy and how many Rihanna’s male fans (non Nigerian ofcourse) would commit suicide If Rihanna and Don Jazzy gets married?

This is what happens when you’ve been standing on a fuel queue for hours, bored out of your mind; fantasies and imaginations set in. Keep your phone’s ready, we might need to get Bros Don J those retweets.

PS. Bros Don J remember me oo If the parols click, my Account No is easy to cram.


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