Seyi Shay thrills fans again with another public blunder


Aunt Seyi Shay who became an internet sensation after pronouncing the number ‘2’ as “Tuwooh” in an interview with Pulse TV (I still hope she was just having fun) – is on the news again for another blunder!

screenshot_2016-04-19-08-55-01-1.pngDuring an interview with Nancy Isime the host of Hip TV’s Trending, the beautiful singer was asked the full meaning of E.P, which every musician should know means (Extended play), and our dear Seyi Shay says it means “Electric Package”…LOL!

It’s either Seyi Shay is witty and loves jerking her fans around or she is just clueless and doesn’t give a damn about that, whichever it is, be sure to get a good laugh once in a while from this our Aunt!


One thought on “Seyi Shay thrills fans again with another public blunder”

  1. Seyi Shay does this intentionally, remember her interview about Amber Rose visiting Nigeria? She was asking the host who was Amber & what does she do for a living.

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