Fashion Circle: Dress for Success

screenshot_2016-04-19-09-18-24-1.pngThe transition from student to professional is a huge milestone! It means it’s time you have a complete change of wardrobe. screenshot_2016-04-19-10-10-58-1.png

Depending on your job description, your wardrobe should give you the confidence to face challenges. You should consider your wardrobe and overall appearance an important part of your “résumé.” The decisions on your professionalism will be judged based on the time and effort you put into this “image.”

screenshot_2016-04-19-09-17-15-1.pngWhat you wear and how you dress is even more important in a profession that is client-based where you are representing your employer. You definitely don’t want to send the wrong messsage about your company and your employer with your outfit. A good haircut/hairdo, well-trimmed nails/decent French tips, and a well-maintained wardrobe (shoes polished, pieces clean and wrinkle free) will convey confidence and seriousness.

screenshot_2016-04-19-09-16-06-1.pngBusiness casual should not be confused with weekend casual—no leather trousers, stilettos, sandals, or backpacks; consider decent heels, loafers and a leather portfolio. In a setting where blue jeans are appropriate, they should still be a dark washed, well-fitting pair.

In a formal business setting, it’s advisable to follow the lead of your colleagues but even at that, don’t be afraid to show your personality with the use of color, texture, and accessories, be creative without breaking any rules.


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