WCW; Hafsat Mohammed.

screenshot_2016-04-13-12-02-24-1.pngThis weeks WCW is Hafsat Mohammed, 33, a Nigerian journalist who after escaping a massacre in 2014, became an activist trying to counter violent extremism of boko haram by engaging young people at the grassroots level and getting them to imagine a different future and their individual ambitions for it.

screenshot_2016-04-13-12-03-15-1.pngShe is our WCW because she is brave, fearless and relentless. Despite repeated death threats, Hafsat has continued in her attempt to make a change, preaching anti-violence in areas where female voices are often suppressed. She founded the organisation Choice for Peace, Gender and Development, which supports young people and women who have lost family in attacks and abductions.

There is hope for Nigeria with more fearless people like our WCW Hafsat Mohammed.



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