Crop tops: Fashion Tips and Styles.

screenshot_2016-04-10-08-04-20-1.pngSo on my way out yesterday I saw a lady with four boobs and four cheeks, no thanks to her undersized bra and the tight low waist Jean she was putting on. It was however the huge flabby stretched-mark-patterned tummy portuding out of her crop top that got me looking for a fashion police to whisk her out of sight!  I mean come on babe!

screenshot_2016-04-10-13-15-53-1.pngCrop top is at the top of the trend list in the fashion world and almost every lady wants a taste.

Some people however, have the misguided belief that crop tops can only be worn by slim people or ladies with a flat tummy. I beg to differ!  I believe that any restrictions to your sense of dressing should be the ones created by yourself.  As a lady, you should feel inspired and proud to wear anything that makes you feel strong and beautiful. Confidence is power and power is respected.

Crop tops have plenty of options for all sizes, shapes, ages, and settings and if you are a plus-size or a little bulgy at the stomach area, here are 3 ways you can rock a crop top without appearing brash.

1. Layered Crop top on tights
screenshot_2016-04-10-08-17-14-1.pngWearing a longer loose crop top over a tight skirt or Jean will give you a casual but sexy look and most importantly will keep you covered and within your comfort zone.

2. Snug Crop top on baggy pants
screenshot_2016-04-10-08-21-12-1.pngThis pair up gives you an elegant and classy look you can use for almost all events.

3. Snug Crop top on a Midi skirt with a Jacket.
screenshot_2016-04-10-08-16-52-1.pngWith this pair up, only a coy glimpse of skin is on display and the skirt steals away the attention from any visible skin.

If you are going to be wearing a crop top, stick to high waisted skirts and pants. Crop top on a low waist is uniformly brash and sleazy looking, you want to show a hint of your skin not the entire body. Have a wonderful week!


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