@Wizkid vs @Lindaikeji….AGAIN! 

Some of you may remember the verbal battle 3 months ago between Nigerian superstar Wizkid and his now arch nemesis blogger Linka Ikeji….well they are back at it. 
  It reignited when the popular blogger posted about the entertainer being given a quits notice to his home. 
 He initally replied by blasting comments under her latest Instagram post. 

 The following day with many scarcastic remarks. Linda replied…

   Then he went on and has not stopped. Posting pictures on his Snapchat about the blogger. 






2 thoughts on “@Wizkid vs @Lindaikeji….AGAIN! ”

  1. This doesn’t even make any sense . You people now have money and your heads are blowing . You can’t even control your selfs any more .. 😭😭😮😮😮. You guys should go and get a reAl life and a real. And wizzy you mouth stings like routing egg oooo. You ga that niggy? You fall my hand big time ..

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