screenshot_2016-04-03-19-18-16-1.pngIn most events attended this year, I noticed a lot has changed in Fashion! Especially in the men’s fashion. It’s like someone called a men’s meeting and went “hey! Let’s get back to our roots!” screenshot_2016-04-03-19-17-51-1.pngand ofcourse the response was a resounding “hear! hear!!”

African print has really evolved from it’s previously popular use as an economical fashion statement for the lower class, and of-course it popular society use as an Aso-ebi, to a creative array of trendy fashion statement too interesting to ignore.

Do you have an upcoming event or a piled up materials of Ankara gathering dusts, acquired over the years from family and friends events, and have no idea what to do with it? These styles/pair-ups may inspire you.


screenshot_2016-04-03-18-55-44-1.pngA Rendezvous with Le Boo, or that Red Carpet Event?

screenshot_2016-04-03-18-52-46-1.pngA night hangout with your home boys?


screenshot_2016-04-03-18-57-35-1.pngOr a style that shows an inner self no one else seems to understand.

It’s all about African Men Fashion and in the world of Ankara, you can’t go wrong with a good sense of fashion! It all depends on what works for you and of-course the trend in the society! So hey… go get your prints on!


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