In the Spotlight with Shalom Blac

by: Erika D. Coldman

Last week, there was a picture circulating the ‘net showing a young woman, half of her face completely made up while the other half revealed severe burn marks. I sympathized for her for about as long as it took my thumb to scroll past the Instagram pic but as I continued to see the picture on different news outlets, I became interested in her story.

Shalom Nchom (a.k.a. Shalom Blac) is a 20-year-old make up artist who uses YouTube as her platform to show, one, how much of a difference make up can actually make for some and, two, how people like her can learn how to love themselves after such an event takes place. At just 9-years-old, Blac was burned by frying oil in an accident at her family’s store.

Over the years, she endured bullying from classmates, which forced her to start wearing make up very early. In one of her collaboration videos, she recalls how she used only concealer at one point to cover the scars left behind. Once she learned the Do’s and Don’ts of make up application,¬† she began charging some of those same peers between $5-$25 to apply theirs.

Currently, her YouTube channel, Shalom Blac, has over 56,000 subscribers with about 25 videos, one of which received well over 330,000 views. Watch below as Shalom shares her story:



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