For those of y’all who missed the whole Ice Prince/Maima/Akin drama, here’s a quick recap… Akin, an Abuja big boy recently posted some photos and a story about how he’s been with Maima, Ice Prince’s babe which the latter debunked accusing Akin of trying to break up his relationship… He tweeted “lol these men will do anything to break me and my girl tho….” Akin however responded with a series of pictures of himself and Maima enjoying a vacation in Paris (*in a french accent* city of love and romance). I don’t know about y’all but with all these back and forths, there seem to be ‘three’ many angles and none of them, right. Still you gotta give Ice Prince points for having his girl’s back (cheating ass or not). In the midst of this, trailers seem to be having break failure and crashing into everybody, fans and celebrities alike…  Friends and colleagues aired their support and opinion on social media one of which is Toni Payne, 9ice ex-wife who must have had second thoughts after a tweep replied her tweet. LOL. Talk about trailer jamming someone.




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