Fall Fashion: The Olive Obsession

by: Obehi Imarenezor

Iman, Rihanna, and Naomi Campbell in a photo shoot for Balmain
                                     Iman, Rihanna, and Naomi Campbell in a photo shoot for Balmain

Most can agree that nude (which we’ve been exposed to plenty of times at Kanye’s NYFW show), along with other neutral colors such as brown, burgundy, gray and maroon have always been fall fashion essentials. However, who would have predicted that a specific tint of green would evolve into a fashion flourish this particular season?

The olive green color obsession is truly in high demand this season. The muddy green color was once a rare shade to find in apparel, but now you can’t seem to get rid of it, the way it has been raiding popular retail stores such as Top Shop, Zara, Forever 21, H&M, and many online boutique shops. The olive obsession has especially made its mark throughout social media such as Instagram and Twitter, by constantly being posted and retweeted onto daily fashion accounts.

What many may not know is that every color has a mental body meaning behind it. Olive green has been said to be a color that defines diplomacy, harmony, and completion. It can also represent space and wisdom. These vibes may be the abstract reason behind the chain reaction of the desire for this trendy color.

So how does one go about dominating the olive look? It is common for people to mix and match this color with other neutrals. Reality Television Personality, Kylie Jenner remixed her strapless olive dress with a white peep toe heel. With a color that is very edgy yet not too overbearing, you can definitely play around with a second bold or neutral color to complete the look you would like to achieve.

Olive colored nails are definitely trending this season!
                                                Olive colored nails are definitely trending this season!

Don’t be afraid to go ALL olive either! Singer Ciara surely was not reluctant to do so when she sported her “all olive everything” outfit at the Topshop dinner during NYFW.

Personally, I am finding myself guilty of falling in love with the color. I also notice how I now unintentionally incorporate more of it into my everyday wardrobe.

With that being said, we would love to hear about your appreciation or newly found romance with the olive green color!


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