Will Smith to play Dr. Bennet Omalu in Upcoming Film

by: Erika D. Coldman


Will Smith returns to the silver screen with another film sure to pack the theaters, after his 2015 film Focus, which finished with almost $19 million during opening week at the box office.

This December, Sony films brings us the story off Dr. Omalu and his discovery of the brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It depicts, for us, the dangers surrounding the sport of football, all that he went through to bring those dangers to light and how the NFL attempted to attack his credibility, all to save the beloved sport.

Check out the trailer below and you’ll spot a few familiar faces alongside Smith’s.


Dr. Omalu discovered this condition in 2007 during the autopsy of Pittsburgh Steelers’ center, Mike Webster. Though Webster died of a heart attack, Omalu, with no prior knowledge of the player or a true understanding of football, dug deeper into the death and found what he assumed to be true.

In his interview with The Frontline, Dr. Omalu explains how he came to discover the disease and how many athletes in both football and wrestling it has and still affects.

Check out the interview below:



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