President of Triple MG Records Angrily Demands Privacy

After several tumultuous attempts at tying the knot, Triple MG President and Iyanya manager Ubi Franklin is reportedly working things out with on again off again girlfriend Nigerian actress, Lilian Esoro. Franklin claimed that the day he met her, “I saw the qualities I wanted in a woman I want to be with for the rest of my life.” Not a fan of marriage abroad, Franklin is reportedly in rumors to marry Esoro in a private ceremony this year.

Franklin’s choice of love partners has seen its share of controversy in recent years. His short rocky, relationship with International Recording artist, Emma Nyra, ended abruptly after Franklin was accused of being verbally and physically abusive to the former Triple MG recording artist. In an interview earlier this year Nyra said, “Ubi terrorized me for years. He abused me and other members of the label with physical and verbal force. This is why I left Triple MG the first time.”
Esoro, who has remained tight lipped about the controversy, has not only closed her old Instagram account, but also chosen not to post any new photos of her and Franklin despite social media capturing the attending Osas & Gbenro’s Thank You Soiree and AY Makun’s brother’s wedding over the weekend. Franklin however lashed out at The Punch reporters when questioned about his relationship saying, “No one should f**king ask me about my private life. You can ask me about my artists or my company but don’t ever f**king ask me about my private life, it is not your business.”


Despite the storm surrounding Franklin’s relationship woes, it should be noted that physical and verbal abuse should never be tolerated in any relationship. Unfortunately many, predominantly women, chose not to speak up when these things occur. As for Franklin, Esoro and Nyra, we wish them all the best of luck and welcome them to reach out to The Gist Magazine Editorial staff to clarify their stances.
Paul O.


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