African Fashion Meets Contemporary Style at Mizizi

As African designers look to push the edge on styles and fashion, Mizizi is fusing not just contemporary style, but also bringing African flavor to their clothing line.
Mizizi, meaning “Roots” in Swahili, is an urban Afrocentric clothing line designed to allow persons of the African Diaspora to proudly & prominently display their heritage without using traditional means. The designer’s goals are to build African consciousness within modern day society & to uplift the self-esteem of ones who make up the Diaspora.
Mizizi was founded in 2014 by two African (One Ghanaian, and the other Kenyan) University of South Florida students, who were sitting in a dining hall discussing the scarce amount of Africans and African pride that was shown in Florida. After spending hours of discussion, they compared & contrasted the ways in which Caribbean’s display their culture throughout the state and what Africans could do to do the same. This lead to the birth of the Mizizi clothing line. The purpose of the line was to stylishly show off the African culture and revive the pride that lies dormant in many of our hearts.
Since then, Mizizi has created a collective of numerous pieces, of the most populous immigrants in the U.S. Mizizi designers continue to build on ideas, much like the ones for the first collection, and focus on designing more pieces to further serve a greater purpose. For more information you can follow Mizizi clothing at @mizizishop on Twitter, on Instagram, or to purchase items.

Paul O.


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