Aman Itomi: The Basquiat of Metal

by: Erika D. Coldman

Influenced by the timelessness of both the Native American and ancient Egyptian cultures, Aman Itomi found his niche in the custom jewelry making field. Straying away from the status quo, when it comes to jewelry making, Itomi is more attracted to bold designs with a touch of simplicity when creating beautiful statement pieces for both men and women.

Itomi started his business in 2007, when rappers and celebrities alike were donning custom diamond encrusted pieces, made by the culture’s most popular jewelers. Instead of following the trend, joining an already saturated lane, he decided to dig his own path. Eight years later, his designs have caught the eyes of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq and Chaka Khan. Though his pieces feature different stones and minerals, Itomi has always been partial to Copal Amber (fossilized tree resin) and Turquoise, making time to travel to New Mexico, each year, to find them.

Claiming both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, you can keep up with Aman Itomi’s work via Instagram @amanitomi & @thebasquiatofmetal. Be sure to check him out and message for details on how to get your own custom pieces. You can also check out his interview with BET below.

**all pictures included in this post are that of Aman Itomi’s personal Instagram page**


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