An Accessory to Success

By: Obehi Imarenezor

Niyi Okuboyejo was only a 14 year-old teenager when he left Nigeria and relocated to the United States. As a foreigner, his misconception of Americans led to an extreme culture shock as he arrived on U.S. soil. Unfortunately for this immigrant, upon arrival at his high school in Houston, TX, he soon realized that the American kids were not as accepting of Nigerians as he thought.

Once Niyi figured that being African wasn’t necessarily “cool,” he started to find himself hanging with the wrong crowd and trying to fit in. Soon, Niyi realized by his junior year of high school that his need to feel accepted was unnecessary. With that in mind, he came to the realization that he was ready to stop putting on a false front and simply stay true himself, all while remaining close to his Nigerian roots.

Today, this Nigerian-American entrepreneur went on to complete his studies in Fashion Design at Parsons in New York City. Niyi is now the founder of the wildly successful label, Post-Imperial, which showcases his signature accessory line.

niyi1We can all agree that his cultural heritage and Nigerian roots inspired his collection of pocket squares and ties that are some of the hottest new accessories to hit the market.

“It’s called Post-Imperial because it’s about the time after old regimes, and creating for today,” Niyi previously stated in an interview. Niyi also described how identifying with his Nigerian culture as well as being niyi3an American helps better define his style.What makes Post Imperial unique is the Adire fabric, an Indigo Resist Dyed Cloth from Yoruba land, Nigeria that’s featured in his collection. Niyi not only uses the Adire fabric to stand out, he’s big on culture mixing. As a creative genius, Niyi incorporates his American style and gives it a nice ethnic twist, which leaves us wanting more.


If you are looking to purchase Post-Imperial’s vibrant and colorful products today, you can successfully visit the brand’s online store:



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