Remember those big, long, and sometimes bulky braids that ladies wore in the 90’s…the braids Reggae artist Patra wore…the same braids that Janet Jackson made ever so popular by rocking the hairstyle in the movie Poetic Justice…well it’s back! Although this versatile hairstyle may bring back other nostalgic trends during the 90’s like bamboo earrings and colorful windbreaker suit ups, this time around the hairstyle is breaking boundaries and showing people that it can be worn in so many different ways. Wearing the braids in a massive bun on top of your head, or as a side braid with half of the braids down in the back is just two of the many beautiful ways you can wear this hairdo. All across the globe ladies are showing just how creative they can be with the different variations of these braids. Different colors and sizes help create the special ways this hairstyle can be worn. Another variation of the hairstyle is the Senegalese twists. This particular hairstyle is not braids although it does initially begin as a braid, but rather these are twists that take on the same shape, form, and creativity of the Janet Jackson, Patra, or box braids. This hairstyle seems to have as many name variations as it does style variations. An advantage of rocking this hairstyle is it allows your hair to grow naturally and helps protect your hair from damaging weather. Even without the extensions, simply wearing your hair naturally in braids is creative enough. There is no wrong or right way to rock your braids or twists, just make sure you’re creative.



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