Air Jordans…a line of shoes that’s been dubbed the “luxury basketball sneaker”. The revolutionary shoe line branded after basketball icon His Airness, Michael Jordan is worn beyond the basketball court. It’s now part of everyday apparel and has been worn on the red carpet. Jordans, J’s, Mikes or whatever you refer to the sneakers, creates a fashion trend that everyone can rock. The shoes have become an ageless fashion piece that men, women, and children can wear.  In rapper Young Joc’s song, “I Know You See It” he referenced the kicks by stating “I got stacks on deck, snowflakes on my neck
New J’s on my feet, make my outfit complete”…on the feet of rappers, is a common place we see Jordans but still the shoe is not exclusive to just them. From retro to modern day design, these sneakers don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. In fact, the sneakers keep on reinventing themselves and are becoming increasingly trendy. Whether you decide to rock a pair from when Jordans first emerged in 1985 or a pair that came out in 2005 you are still good to go. Even President Barack Obama spoke about J’s and the gym shoe’s impact.  Check out these pictures of celebs who are team Jordan and the video of President Obama speaking on the fashionable sneakers.


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