Since Kim Kardashian has created a roster of unsuccessful relationships but continues to maintain her status of relevance, R&B singer (better known as Brandy’s brother) Ray J released his newest single to send a message to world just to say that ‘I Hit It First’.


Y’all notice the album cover is a blurred out picture of Kim Kardashian in a bikini. SHADE!

As another tactic to remain relevant, Ray J releases ‘I Hit It First’ to support his theory that he was responsible for making ex-girlfriend and reality star, Kim Kardashian famous. As the reality star moved on from infamous relationship with people such as Reggie Bush and Kris Humpries, to now baby daddy and boyfriend, Kanye West, Ray J is making it COMPLETELY clear that he is not letting go of the past. As he continues to throw shade, he mimics Kanye West the distorted album cover similar to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Rumor has it that Ray J plans to release a video for this diss track….with an alleged Kim Kardashian look alike. Let the shade fest begin!!

Bukie Kadijat



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